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“We look at websites as works of art, that not only display the deepest emotions and aspirations of our clients, but translate these into tangible business outcomes.”

Philip Ammerman, Founder 


We design, develop and maintain websites and commerce platforms that serve as the hubs of a wider digital marketing and transformation effort. 

We started our journey in web development in 1995, using the first editions of Microsoft Frontpage. Thank goodness, the world has evolved since then, and we have evolved with it. 

Today, we tailor our website design to the technical capabilities of our clients in terms of maintenance and expansion. We have seen too many cases where our clients relied on a custom design from a designer who then disappeared, leaving useless code in his wake. 

Our first task is to determine the complexity of effort and customisation required. We then work with you to determine how far you want to manage content, structure, pages and other applications on your own. 

For 90% of our clients, a beautiful and functional website done on a platform like Wix, Weebly or Wordpress is sufficient for current and future development. 

For a smaller group, we design custom-made applications on Laravel, or other open-source language that can include complex CMS and database integration and development. 

Our web design projects are always:

  • Adaptive websites, cross-browser compatible, and if desired, mobile-first

  • Search engine friendly and optimised

  • Designed for conversion using multiple calls to action 

  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics, Google Console and other tools

  • If desired, including Google and Facebook pixels for remarketing and custom audiences

  • Integrating a wide range of other applications, including SSL, online payments, Mailchimp and more. 

Our projects have as an ideal outcome your capacity to maintain and manage them. This may include simple news additions, or it may include managing product items and prices in your commerce database. 

Whatever the case, it is fundamental to us that you understand how your website works, the technology involved and the decisions made, even if you decide not to get involved in technical issues. We consider this as important as driving a car or managing your online bank account.  

Image by NASA


To learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital and technology aims, please contact us. We treat your data, objectives and status with respect and confidentiality. The solutions we recommend are tailor made for you and have your best current and future objectives and capacity in mind. 

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