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"A bad system will beat a good person every time"
-J. Edward Deming


We believe that the digital technology selected for client deployment requires careful thought. Factors that affect technology selection include:


  • Client capacity to integrate and manage the system

  • Strategic alignment with current and future client goals

  • Future upgrading and evolution capacity 

  • Functionality and ability to deliver client goals

  • Customisation

  • Data security and portability 

  • Vendor security and presence in market.

We have seen too many cases where clients are sold digital solutions that are not fit for purpose and that cannot be used. In other cases, we have seen technical vendors disappear from the market, leaving their clients with unusable junk. 

We start with client objectives and business outcomes in mind. Rather than selling an expensive and complex solution, we tailor our technology choices for client benefit. 

Web Design

Web design platforms are chosen based on complexity of online requirements. Most clients require only very simple ecommerce development which can be adequately and safely handled by existing web development platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Wordpress or equivalent. Custom CMS development is usually done on Laravel, or similar application.  

Social Media

We manage the full range of social media management and marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VK, Baidu and other platforms. We manage advertising campaigns, contests, influencers and other work. We also work with elite social media networks such as A Small World and Best of All Worlds. 

Google Analytics and Google Console

We support full integration and management of Google Analytics for website management. We work with Google Console to ensure technical optimisation of your website. 

Google MyBusiness, Google Maps, Google Hotels

We manage and update your Google MyBusiness and Google Maps points and profiles. We ensure optimal tracking in Google Hotels. 

We support your store management, promotion and operations. This can include drop-shipping on Amazon or organisation of fulfilment from either our own space, or yours, or third party facilities. 

Team Management & Project Management 

We have extensive experience on team and project management software, including Zoho, Asana, Bitrix, Slack, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Basecamp, and others. We configure and customise systems for clients, train client staff and provide support for such platforms. 

Accounting Systems

We have extensive experience in selecting, configuring and supporting online accounting systems, including Zoho, Intuit Quickbooks, Sage and others. 

CRM Systems

We have worked with a range of CRM systems as well as designing custom CRM systems. We recommend and work with platforms such as Microsoft CRM, Zoho, Bitrix, and others. 

Email & Newsletter Campaigns 

We use Mailchimp as our preferred vendor for newsletter campaigns, email database management and website-email form integration. We also have experience with ConstantContact and other services. 

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To learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital and technology aims, please contact us. We treat your data, objectives and status with respect and confidentiality. The solutions we recommend are tailor made for you and have your best current and future objectives and capacity in mind. 

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