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In 1995, the world's first popular web browser, Netscape Navigator, launched. This gave millions of people easy access to the internet, and launched a revolution in tech that continues and accellerates today.


We believe that the latest generation of digital devices and applications is delivering a state called hyper-reality: a state of existence where online life is richer and more attractive than physical life, delivering countless opportunities. 


We see this manifest itself through multiple prisms:


The latest generation of digital televisions offers a viewing experience far superior to that of ordinary human eyesight in the real world. 

The latest generation of computer games provides a fully immersive experience in a stellar graphic-sound environment. The capabilities of young gamers to compete in this digital maelstrom leads to real changes in human biology and a new paradigm for reactions, emotions, command-and-control and growth. 

The convenience offered by online banking, food delivery, taxi hailing services, movie and music streaming and many others is far superior to the hassle of telephone or in-person ordering. 

Consumers and citizens are used to rapid or instantaneous fulfillment, a wide range of choices, competitive pricing and real transparency online. In the real world, sectors such as politics continue to lag dramatically behind, increasing the sense of "unreality" or malaise between high-qualified digital citizens, and their "real world" governments. 

The widespread adaptation of search, referrals and ratings online has transformed how we select a travel destination or a restaurant. Today, the world's knowledge is literally at our fingertips. As is, sadly, the world's opinion. 

The impending release of new technologies, such as virtual or augmented reality, big data, artificial intelligence, health and wellness, including genetic therapy, driverless cars and other technological wonders will irrevocably transform our existence. Even our human biology. 

Digital natives are rapidly becoming key decision-makers and spending groups. 

Investment resources are radically transforming sectors. There is no shortage of funding. 

This future promises bright developments, disruptive change and for many, a digital dystopia to which they are unable to adjust. 

Companies today must adapt to digital transformation and begin the process of becoming a digital native. 

Individuals must balance their needs for privacy with the total transparency that will eventually be demanded by employers, banks and governments. 

We cannot promise to know exactly how the future will unfold. But we can promise you an objective eye on the future that helps you make the decisions you need, at the time you need to make them. 


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