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January 2023

The Pravets Penthouse is a luxury apartment based on the lake in Pravets, Bulgaria. 

The objective of the assignment was to provide a clean, elegant website design and online booking engine. 

This was accomplished using and Wix Hotels. 

Some features of the Pravets Penthouse website design included:

  • Clean, elegant website design

  • Focus on limited photography from the apartment but maximising quality photographs from the destination. 

  • Mobile optimised / adaptive website

  • SEO optimised

  • Contact Form

  • Booking Form with variable weekly and weekend rates by booking season.

Because the owner is based in another country, we have not developed social media integration or news, given management constraints. 

The website's booking strategy is mainly open to courtesy guests of the owner, as well as bookings via and other channels. 

Image by NASA


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